Family Art Activity #7: Homemade Playdough

Family Art Activity #7: Homemade Playdough & Process-Oriented Artmaking

In this art activity designed for children of all ages, we’ll make our own playdough and discuss the developmental benefits of being process-oriented when we make art. This video also includes ideas for found-object sculptures that use playdough, as well as using playdough for observational drawing activities for older children.

Materials needed:
Flour, salt, water, vegetable oil, cream of tartar, tools for cutting and making textures

Optional materials:
Found objects for making sculptures, pencil and paper for drawing

4 cups flour
2 cups salt
8 tsp cream of tartar

4 cups water
4 Tbsp oil
Food coloring, liquid watercolor, finger paints, tempera paint to color playdough

Mix the dry ingredients together in a big pot. Add the wet ingredients. Cook over medium-low heat, stirring constantly. When your mixture is stiff and difficult to stir, turn it
onto a table and knead it until it becomes elastic. Store in an airtight container or plastic bag. Do not refrigerate.