An update from Teacher Gail’s studio:

Global pandemic aside, I am working on a series, entitled, “Lost & Found.”  Way, way back in December when the world was a very different place, I went mudlarking along the River Thames to discover pieces of history and find what might be the perfect treasure for Joel. I really wanted to find a whole pipe, but found many shards of pottery and plentiful pipe fragments from the 16th-18 Century.  I hadn’t intended to recreate my mudlarking collection before the pandemic, but having time to pour over all the tiny cracks in the glazes, examining the somewhat mini abstracted nature of the fragments, and thinking about life in past centuries has provided the intrigue that my beautiful man Joel would have loved. He was such a great storyteller, and I imagine the stories he would have created.  And oh, that Tate Modern cafe napkin, that I am admittedly obsessed with, has been really satisfying to paint.