How do we support children’s creativity?

Trust their ideas
Children are endlessly inventive, so trust in their creative impulses.

Encourage description
Create a dialogue with your child about what he or she has created. By encouraging description of their work, a child will broaden their language skills. This will give a child a chance to give his own viewpoint of the work – not yours or another adult’s – giving them the ownership of their creation and a sense of validation about their way of seeing and recreating the world.

Offer specific reflections
By offering specific comments and observations, you are engaging in a meaningful exchange about the content of their artwork.

Refrain from interrupting or imposing your own aesthetic views
It is important for children to develop their unique viewpoints, so refrain from providing solutions. They need to investigate possibilities. If your child seems intent on you drawing something for them, you can assist by provoking questions, “What does something look like”, “what shapes do you see”, etc.

Acknowledge their observations
Remember that children are amazingly observant and are constructing their ideas in a linguistic, logical, and imaginative way.

Creativity is a vital component of your child’s make-up
It plays a substantial role in problem-solving and decision making and research supports the role of artmaking experiences in stimulating brain development. When children are supported in the exploration and expression of their own ideas, they grow, and so does their picture of the world.